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APRIL 15th – 2009 Personal Tax Return Deadline

This is just a reminder your 2009 personal tax returns are due on APRIL 15. Our deadline to have information in our office to meet the 4/15 deadline is Friday, March 26th. ALL your tax information will need to be in our office by 3/26 to ensure your return will be filed by 4/15.

WHAT IF I CAN NOT MEET THIS DEADLINE?  If you can not meet this deadline, NO NEED TO WORRY – we will automatically file an extension for you.  You do not need to sign anything for us to file an extension for you.

WHAT IF YOU HAVE TAX DUE?  If you owe tax, it must be paid by 4/15/10 to avoid additional interest and penalty. We can help you to estimate any tax due and provide you with the information you will need to make payment.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you think you will owe tax.

WHAT IF I WANT TO DROP MY INFO OFF AFTER 3/26?  We encourage this, and would be happy to schedule a tax drop appointment with you. At this appointment we will be sure you have a proper tax estimate paid for the 4/15 deadline.


For more information, click  the following link to download additional details about this process.  CLICK HERE: 
2009 Personal Extensions.pdf