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MN Sales & Use Tax Filing – 2010

REMEMBER:  You need to file your sales and use tax return by February 7th, 2011.

If you do not regularly file a sales tax return, you need to file a “Sales & Use Tax” return by 2/7/11.  Click here to file:

“But I do not collect sales tax or have taxable services!” 

Many people think this, however you must file a return for USE TAX as well as SALES TAX.  USE TAX is the sales tax you should have paid on purchases you may have bought over the internet or in other situations where you did not pay the sales tax at the time of purchase.  This sales tax must be paid in voluntarily and must be paid online.

Business By Design can not file this return for you!  For more infomation, click below to download details about filing this return and filing requirements:

BBD’s Explaination: 
Explaination of Sales & Use Tax -2010.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions:  
MN Sales and Use Tax FAQ’s – 2010.pdf  

Directions to MN online filing:  
MN Online Tax Directions- Sales & Use 2010.pdf


For more information, you can go to the MN Department of Revenue Website at: