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2011 Tax Reviews

If you have not done so yet – It is time to schedule your 2011 annual tax review.  We are scheduling appointments now and want to be sure you have proper tax planning by the end of the year – so please do not wait till the last minute!

Appointments for your tax reivew can be held in 2 ways

    • Remote access – all you will need to have internet connection.  This process is very efficient, you will love how simple and easy this is to use.

  • In person – we would definitely love to see you if you want to meet in person.

    What do I need to have prepared for our appointment?

    We would like to be as prepared as possible for your revew and make the best use of out time together.  Please have your information ready and sent to us at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. 

  • To submit a fill in form worksheet – Click Here
  • 2011 Review Info – fill in form.pdf