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A easy way to document your auto mileage…

mileiqDo you have a mileage log?

If you are like me, documenting your auto mileage was always a pain.  Trying to write down the date, miles of each day was nearly impossible.  I know many of our clients have this same experience.   So, I wanted to have an easier way to document my business auto use and protect one the the largest deductions on your tax return.  That is why I have been using MileIQ over the past 18 months.

How does MileIQ work?

MileIQ an app that runs on the background of your phone and tracks your mileage for you.  It have been a great tool for me to use.  Feel free to check it out.  We and get you a 20% discount if you use our promo code listed here:  Mile IQ Discount Code – BBD

Give it a try and see what you think.  I know I would never go back to the “old way” again.