Our Story

It all began out of a simple need — an Entrepreneur who wanted someone to explain how to come up with an effective tax plan!

That is exactly what happened to me in 1993 when I became self employed. At that time, I knew nothing about taxes, and I wanted someone to show me how to efficiently structure my business for taxes. It seemed like a simple request! The more I looked, the more I realized most accountants serving small businesses were really just “historians” telling entrepreneurs what happened in the past. That is when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

So off I went and started by doing my own homework. I did a lot of reading & research, made mistakes and practiced what I had learned on my own. From all of this, I devised a plan to teach other entrepreneurs what they needed to know about their business and taxes. I wanted to provide a “business blueprint” for an entrepreneur to follow. This is the core of the trusted advisor services we provide.

Business By Design was born out of my story and my struggle from over 25 years ago. Today, we have grown into a unique Business Advisory and Coaching firm that provides tax efficient solutions and accounting services to our client base of over 600 entrepreneur clients.