New Law for 2009: Independent Contractors

ATTENTION:  A new state law effective Jan. 1, 2009, requires individuals (not corporations, LLCs or partnerships) who work as independent contractors in the building construction industry to obtain from the Department of Labor and Industry an Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate (ICEC).

To obtain an ICEC, individuals must complete and submit an application, fees and supporting documents that establish they meet the conditions required to operate as an independent contractor. To operate as independent contractors, individuals must be able to meet the conditions set out in the law’s nine-factor test.

For details about the Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate program and requirements, view the following fact sheet, brochure and slide show, or visit the FAQ page 

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Welcome to our new Blog

What the heck is a blog???  Many of you may already know about blogs, but some of you may not.  The easiest way to think of a “BLOG” is like a newspaper article.  Someone writes an article and you read it.

At Business By Design, I wanted to provide you with a new way to get information about your business, your taxes, and about us.  Going forward, this “Blog” will be the primary way Business By Design will provide you with timely information, news, tax tips, and other related information we deem to be important to you.  I will promise you that I will not waste your time with useless information.