S-Corporation Health Insurance

Be sure your health insurance premiums are deductible…

If you have an S-Corporation and you want to deduct 100% of your Health Insurance Premiums, you are REQUIRED to have your TOTAL PREMIUMS PAID IN 2018 reported on your year end W-2 forms.

If you do not have this reported on your W-2 you will not be able to deduct 100% of your health insurance premiums paid in 2018.  For an explanation of what to do, please select one of the two documents below to view and follow the listed instructions:

If BBD Processes your payroll:  

Click Here: Health Ins Reporting – myBBD Payroll – 2018

 If BBD DOES NOT process your payroll:

Click Here: Non-BBD Payroll Clients – HI reporting 2018