BBD Advisory Solutions

At Business by Design, we don’t just provide traditional accounting services and tax forms.  We believe in offing “Solutions” to our clients problems.  We offer a wide variety of solutions to help our clients be more tax efficient, more profitable and achieve their goals.  The value we bring to our clients is directly related to the knowledge of business tax strategies we provide.

Here is a sampling of solutions we implement:

  1. Business Entity Selection
    • What is the best entity for me?
  2. Operating your LLC or Corporation
    • I have an entity, now what?
  3. Corporation/LLC Income Strategies
    • How to pay yourself!
    • Alternative income strategies
  4. Cash Flow Planning
    • How much of my income is really mine?
  5. Business operations and documentation
    • How to make yourself “Audit Proof”
    • “Entrepreneur Friendly” record keeping systems
  6. Company Fringe Benefits
    • Maximize owner/officer fringe benefits.
  7. Income Shifting Strategies
    • Entrepreneurs Financial Aid package
    • Tax deductible secondary education
  8. Independent Contractor vs Employee
    • IRS 3 Factors Test – Do you pass?
  9. Passive Income Limitations & Rental Property Review
    • Navigation of the IRS Passive Loss Limitations
    • Are you considered to be a “Real Estate Professional”
  10. Social Security Benefits and Retirement Income Planning
    • Maximize your equity position and extend your retirement income
  11. How to build tax free wealth.
    • Understanding the power of a ROTH IRA.
    • Become your own bank
  12. Maximize the tax benefits for your Rental properties.
    • How to defer tax with your rental investment properties.
    • Cost Segregation.
  13. Maximize the Value of your business
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Business acquisition/sale strategies

And many more . . .