Self Directed Retirement Accounts

Have you ever . . . 


. . .wanted to take control of your retirement account funds?

. . . see opportunities to increase your equity by investing in what you know?

. . . thought about using your retirement account funds to invest in things other than Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds?

You could be using your retirement account funds to buy/sell more unconventional investments like real estate, private equity ownership, bullion, notes, mortgages, and much more.  Business By Design provides you with instruction on how to properly use your retirement accounts in this manner.  We will cover show you how to navigate around the two principle rules:


We often find many people who have an interest in self directing their retirement account funds, they are just not sure how to go about the process.  Our training process will take you step by step through this process and show you what you will need to do to remain compliant.

NOTE:  Business By Design is not licensed to provide ANY investment advice or sell investments.  Business By Design does not provide any financial advice.  Business By Design will provide assistance with tax considerations and understanding of the Prohibited Transactions/Disqualified Members rules.