Our areas of specialty are the following . . .

Advisory Services Payroll Services Tax Services Bookkeeping Services

Advisory Services

Our Advisory services are built directly from an understanding of what an entrepreneur WANTS and NEEDS in their tax planning. BBD’s Advisory program is a custom plan designed for you and your business. We provide one-on-one coaching to ensure you have the right solutions in place. Your Advisory program will focus on three primary areas.

STEP 1:  Tax Efficiency Evaluation

Are you tax efficient? We evaluate the tax efficiency of your current business model. Click HERE for example

From our evaluation we help you determine what other types of tax efficient tools and solutions you might benefit from. Our evaluation will include a “priority list” of these solutions which we offer as suggested next steps. We will provide you a formalized “game plan” for you to follow.

STEP 2:  Implementation

A great idea is not enough, it needs to be implemented!

Our Advisory Coaching program is designed to not only provide the solutions and tools you will need to become tax efficient, but we also provide the documentation and implementation of the tools necessary to ensure the best end result. We will walk you through each step of your game plan and be certain you know what is needed for execution.

We know what entrepreneurs need to spend their time on, that will be the focus we take with our Advisory Coaching. We want you to focus on profitability and let us handle the details.

STEP 3:  Review & Maintenance

The last step of our Advisory process is to review your plan on a regular basis. We know (and expect) things change as time goes on. Understanding this will mean your game plan may need to be altered or adjusted as your business changes. In addition, our current landscape of non-stop tax law changes will mean our tax review should be a high priority to stay on track.

Payroll Services

Processing your business payroll is one of the most critcal of ongoing tasks in a business. It NEEDS to be correct.

Business by Design offers full service payroll functions for your business. From the one employee/owner company to companies with many employees. As part of your engagement with Business by Design, we will customize a payroll solution for you and your employees. We take care of all the hard stuff. You will simply need to provide a few details each pay period and the rest will be taken care of.

What our clients like about this service is that it is convenient, reliable and cost effective.

We believe your time is more valuable working on your business!


Tax Services

We understand planning and preparing your taxes is not on the top of everyone’s “things I enjoy” list.

. . . However, if you want to reduce your taxes, planning for your taxes is more important than the act of preparing them. As part of our Advisory Engagement, our tax planning is critical to achieving desired end results and staying on course to our plan. We walk you through each step of the tax planning process. With good tax plan, we should be able to help you get a positive end result!

What do we mean by annual maintenance?  

Your annual maintenance will include tax review meetings and annual tax preparation. In addition, we provide ongoing access via email & meetings with your accountant in charge to keep you on track.

Click HERE to view how our tax preparation process works

Two Steps to a positive end result are:

STEP #1 – Good Planning.  Everyone wants to pay less in taxes – or at least only their “fair share”. To get to that amount, proper tax planning is a necessity. Using our tax planning program, paired with our Business Coaching program, we can be sure our clients will be on their way to tax efficiency.

STEP #2 – Good People.  Our tax preparation process directly syncs with our tax planning engagements. We prepare all types of returns for S-Corporations, C-Corporations, Partnership, Individual tax returns, and more. At Business by Design we try to make the entire tax process as easy as possible. All our staff here at Business by Design is well trained and well versed in many aspects of small business. Our staff views preparing your tax return, as if they were preparing their own.

Bookkeeping Services

Business By Design provides accounting solutions to all types of entrepreneur clients. We can help you design a system that will work for you. Most of our clients use QuickBooks as their accounting solution. We have QuickBooks Certified staff available to assist with any question you may have with your books.

Our Accounting/Bookkeeping Solutions are broke down into 3 general engagements.


Many of our clients do not have a high degree of complexity with their accounting, yet they want to have an efficient system. We will set up and train you (or whomever will be doing your data entry) on what you will need to do with your QuickBooks system.

Quarterly Reconcile:

For clients with some additional complexity and reporting requirements, we offer a quarterly reconcile program to ensure accuracy and reconciled books.

Full Data Entry and Reconcile:

For clients who chose to outsource data entry and reconciliation, we can customize a system to meet the needs of your business.