Business By Design provides accounting solutions to all types of entrepreneur clients. We can help you design a system that will work for you. Most of our clients use QuickBooks as their accounting solution. We have QuickBooks Certified staff available to assist with any question you may have with your books.

Our Accounting/Bookkeeping Solutions are broke down into 3 general engagements.


Many of our clients do not have a high degree of complexity with their accounting, yet they want to have an efficient system. We will set up and train you (or whomever will be doing your data entry) on what you will need to do with your QuickBooks system.

Quarterly Reconcile:

For clients with some additional complexity and reporting requirements, we offer a quarterly reconcile program to ensure accuracy and reconciled books.

Full Data Entry and Reconcile:

For clients who chose to outsource data entry and reconciliation, we can customize a system to meet the needs of your business.